Serab Rugs provide fine lengthy rugs or runners having a characteristic camel ground and lozenge-formed medallions. These rugs are woven within the village of Serab, located near Heriz in Persia. They are utilized as a trade reputation for certain kinds of Qashqai weaving, for example, Mecca Shiraz.

The angular type of antique carpets from Serab bears some resemblance of tribal Bakshaish rugs and individuals produced by Kashgai weavers. These decorative runners are typically produced in the county of Saraband also the eponymous city, which is situated in the northern province of East Azerbaijan, also referred to as Azarbaijan-e-Sharqi.

The Serapi designation is very questionable. Although fine rugs created in neighboring Heriz are frequently offered as Serapi rugs worldwide, they’re typically offered as Heriz carpets in the united states. The standard rugs from Serab feature a stretched out a composition that’s bounded by ornamental borders. Local styles favor bold lozenge formed medallions and angular floral motifs which are usual for Persia’s northwestern region.

Although camel-colored fields are the most typical, mulberry red backgrounds and brick-colored fields will also be common. The camel fields of antique Serab rugs are typically accented with Persian blue motifs and tricolor patterns which include robust blues, warm terracotta reds, and sunny yellows. Color palettes utilized in antique Serab rugs are usually somber and slightly oxidized, causing them to be well suited for complementing American decor. Unlike the big-room sized rugs from Heriz, antique rugs from Serab typically feature a stretched out runner-style format.

From time to time, large room-sized rugs will also be found. The elongated size antique Serab rugs are typically connected with carpets which were created for Persia’s domestic market. While these sizes were better for Persian consumers, they’re also good for decorating hallways and visually portioning spaces inside a room or behind furniture plans. The country style, soft colors, and elongated format make antique Serab rugs particularly helpful in the current interiors.